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The Catch 

Just a few of the fish caught on Shasta Lake
Year-Round Fishing at Lake Shasta

The Catch


 We are your Full-Time,
Year- round Guide Service on Lake Shasta. We offer daily Lake Shasta guide services for your convenience, and specialize in Salmon fishing, Trout fishing, and Bass fishing.


Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and King Salmon

Specialize in Salmon fishing and Trout fishing.
Fish range in size from 4 to10 lbs, making Shasta Lake fishing for any angler. What a thrill reeling in these awesome fighting fish.
Trolling, using downriggers and aboard a custom built jet boat tis is a ride in style and safety.

 On a Houseboat? No Problem. We offer Boat to Boat Service. We wilmeet you and pick you up from the houseboat.

Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is excellent on Lake Shasta.
For bass fishing tube worms and spinner baits work great , with non-stop action. For a fun packed day, with lots of fish and enterainment for the whole family, this is the way to go.


We will beat anyone else's rates. We are one of the longest guiding Guide Services in Shasta County and on Lake Shasta. We are a full - time guide service, and have been for 34 years. Forget the rest, Go with the BEST. 

May or June  Special  
6 people
$170. per person



With over over 34 years of guiding experience, our professional guide services, offer the top guides on the west coast, and they are on the water daily. Providing out clients with the best of the best in equipment and expertise. Our knowledgable fishing guides are current on all the hottest fishing spots and techniques to ensure your trip is safe and successful. 
We offer houseboat pick up service, we can meet you and pick you up right from your houseboat on Lake Shasta.  Lake Shasta fishing can be a challenge when you aren't familiar with the water so let our guides take you to their favorite honey holes and bring in the fish. This a non - stop action, great fun for the whole family. 


Shasta Lake Fishing Report

         Lake Shasta Fishing Report 2022                                   Redding, CA  


March 16, 2022 
 Lake Shasta fishing bass fishing is always a great way to spend the day. Bass fishing has been excellent, close to banks is best, plastic worms and rip baits are the hottest baits. Trout fishing is starting to improve. The Dry Creek arm has been the best to pick up Rainbows on Lake Shasta. 







January 2022
Happy New Year ! 

   Lake Shasta in January we are fishing for spotted bass. Using plastics on the Pit Arm and main body, with the coves fishing well too. 
 14 to 16 inches and catching a few small mouth and large mouth bass. Weather has been cold at night but days are warm for this time of year, in high 60's.
We will see Rainbows and Brown trout as move in Spring.

June 2, 2021
 Happy June ! As we move into Summer, we have warm weather ahead and lots of fishing to do. Yes, water level is extremely low. So those of you fishing on your own, please watch for logs, islands, people, & animals in the lake. There are unexpected hazards out there this year.  The last week has been productive in the Pit Arm for Rainbow trout, also around the South end of Shasta Lake, the Dam area has been good.  Spotted bass has been the best fishing. We are trolling, using shad pattern lures and also casting for bass using worms.
Take advantage of the great weather and fishing.
Call, email, or text. 530-515-5951

May 18, 2021

  Fishing on Lake Shasta has been great, you just need to know what use and where to go. Catching  big Rainbow trout, a few big Browns as well. Limits of Spotted bass, great size now. King salmon and Kokanee salmon have been extremely large this year. Trolling with shad pattern lures around the Dam and McCloud Arm. Covered boats and all tackle provided. Call us today.
    June & July "Special" 6 people 150. per person. 





May 8, 2021

  All the fishing on Lake Shasta right now is fantastic.  Catching  big Rainbow trout, a few big Browns as well. Limits of Spotted bass, great size now. King salmon and Kokanee salmon have been extremely large this year. Trolling with shad pattern lures around the Dam and McCloud Arm. 
Covered boats and all tackle provided. Call us today,


April 12, 2021

Trout and Bass fishing on Shasta Lake.

The weather is getting warmer and warmer and the fishing is picking up. Great  fishing at Shasta Lake for bass and trout, also picking up Kokanee salmon on the lake for the first time they are showing themselves more and more. Bass are hitting all over the lake with most of the fish being close to the bank. The larger bass seem to be in the deeper areas and the larger numbers are on the bank. I've been finding some shad up the Pit Arm. Seems when the boat traffic mellows out the move into the center of the Pit. Shad pattern lures like rip baits and crank baits. Worming, of course,  is always a good go to. Rainbow trout are biting up in Big Back Bone Arm and also the Mouth of the Sacramento Arm.





 March 29, 2021

   Lake Shasta fishing for Rainbow trout has been good this last week. Weather is warming and fishing is getting better and better as the days go by. We are trolling  and picked up several limits over the weekend.
Bass fishing is good around Packers Bay area.

 March 4 , 2021

  March is a great month on Lake Shasta for lots more fishing to start happening.  We get warmer days and a few rain showers, which is always welcome.  Bass fishing has been great. Limits of bass daily, catching bigger fish later in the day near the banks and coves. 
We start catching rainbows and salmon later in the month, and into the summer months and fishing will continue to improve as the weather warms the fishing  will heat up as well. Trophy Brown trout will be happening in April and May. Call us today, get a date. Fish on..... 1800-670-4448 

                     A new year ahead. 


 July 7, 2020
 Lake Shasta fishing has been great. We have been catching big Rainbow trout on Shasta Lake, main body, early mornings and mid- morning are best. A few Landlock King salmon here and there, they have gone deep as we get days of really warm weather. Fishing, trolling with downriggers 80 feet and deeper. Limits of fish are common now.
The coves in the early morning and late in the day producing  lots of Spotted bass, picking up limits of bass. We are fishing every day. Call or email for availability. Houseboat pick ups, also.  We can teach you what you need to know to master Lake Shasta fishing during your stay.  1-800-670-4448










May 3, 2019
   The bass fishing on Lake Shasta this year has been on fire. Limits of bass daily, Lake is high, lots of water. 
Trout and salmon fishing has been a bit slow to start. Fishing deep , trolling with down riggers, 120 ft deep or more some places after the salmon.  As weather warms, we will see the number increase. Picking up a few big browns around the Bridge Bay area and the bridge. Give us a call, we are fishing daily. 









   Shasta Lake Fishing Report 2018
                     Redding, CA  

Shasta Lake guided fishing- Shasta Lake trout fishing-
Shasta Lake Bass fishing

May 7, 

 The Bass fishing is red hot on Shasta Lake. Over 300 fish caught over the weekend. Rainbow trout and Salmon being caught around the dam area, trolling 50 to 70 ft deep, shad pattern lures. 









May 1 - 5, 2018

 Offering daily guided fishing on Lake Shasta.

Trout fishing and salmon on Lake Shasta,  catching Browns trolling 45 ft deep. 4  to 10 lbs. Rainbows and salmon are deeper about 60 to 80 ft deep.
  This year should be another great year, last year Shasta lake was the best we have ever seen for big rainbows.
  Fishing has been fantastic the last few days. Limits.

For Bass fishing, focusing on coves, using Ricos and Poppers have been the best on the Pit Arm. Worms are still working well also.
This lake can be difficult to catch fish if you don't know where to go, let the pros show you. The Sac River Guide team  produces amazing fish !




April 24, 2018
Fishing this week on Lake Shasta has been fantastic. The weekend produced several huge brown trout, not as many as the week before. But no worries the Rainbows and King salmon fishing is really heating up. Trolling 50 to 75 ft deep. Weather is great , sunny, and been great for Spotted Bass fishing also. 



March 27, 2018  Shasta Lake guided fishing- Lake Shasta trout fishing. 
Fishing is on fire! Trout fishing on Lake Shasta catching Brown trout trolling  45  - 60 ft deep, using lures.  Red hot fishing for Brown trout.
Shasta lake already producing huge trout. Fish are averaging 2 to 6 pounds, 15 to 24 inches, with Brown trout up to 10 pounds now. Monster brown trout being caught right now. The brown trout won't stick around into the Summer so best to fish now.
Awesome fishing. We will are picking up a few Rainbows and King salmon on Lake Shasta as well.




                    Guided fishing trips on Lake Shasta
April 13, 2017  Shasta Lake guided fishing- Northern California fishing Lake Shasta. Offer daily guided fishing on Lake Shasta.
Picking up spotted bass. Bass fishing is great, using tube worms and spinner baits are producing the most fish, focusing on the coves and shoreline.
  Starting to catch Rainbow trout, main body of lake. Catching a few really nice size Brown trout. 
We are moving into Trout and Salmon fishing time on Lake Shasta. The lake's water level is near full.
Book now. Summer months are excellent fishing months.



February 27, 2017
Hello everyone. Happy to report Lake Shasta is full and  will be full with all the run off we will have. The rivers are full as well.
Houseboat rental are filling up, so if you want to take advantage of catching fish on Shasta Lake give us a call now. We are taking bookings  right now for Spring and Summer fishing. Right now bass fishing is fantastic. Limits of Spotted Bass.  Trout and Salmon will start picking up here in a few weeks. Let us guide you to secret spots for fishing on Lake Shasta. Great for the whole family. 



                                  Happy New Year 2017 

April 20, 2016
Rainbow trout and Landlock King salmon fishing now on Lake Shasta. Trout fishing is fair to good, picking up more fish as we move thrugh th month of April . Trolling with shad pattern lures the main body of the lake and around the dam area. A few salmon being caught as well.
Bass fishing is awesome. Limits of bass being caught. spinner baits and worms producing the most fish. 



Professional Guide Kirk Portocarrero
Office manager Lisa Portocarrero

        Redding , CA  96002 

             1 530-221-6151


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